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Performers do not know how to sit down and create material, number one and number two, they also feel it's not real, it's not organic unless it just happens. So what DOES happen is you've got performers who suddenly get on the phone trying to get material.

I have two partners and as writers we write and sell material to Bobby Slaten, Michael Pritchard, Will Durst, Jerry Sobel, Kevin Meany, Jose Simoen, Ron Lucas, on and on and on...

What happens is suddenly the Tonight Show calls the comedian up and says, hey, we want to have you on air, we like your act but you know, we can use three minutes of your material but the rest is too dirty to use, you need two more minutes.

Then the comedian gets on the phone, "John, can you write some material for me. I've got a gig coming up and I need two or three minutes of material." They simply don't have the luxury of waiting six months to get that material.

Writers sit down and write it on demand. Writers write in a week what most comedians take a year to develop. We are going to show you in this class how to sit down and do it on purpose.

I love this class. It's great. It will knock your socks off.

Transcribed from an all day seminar, April 1991